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  • How to build abs

    First off, let’s quickly put Acai berries to rest. I’ve tried them in juice form and as a twice-daily pill. Any antioxidant would be good for your health, and all you really need to do is grab a handful of blueberries. But if you want Acai berry, grab a bottle from a reputable online health shop. Personally I start my day with a homemade smoothie with berries, a banana, a bit of protein, yogurt and milk. It’s also great for ending the work day, especially after a workout (which I never have time for). Okay, on to the abs, and this is purely from my own research. You’d probably get the same out of Men’s Health.

    Now, do you have some belly flat, like me? Don’t start with the crunches expecting to get that washboard stomach (and who still uses a washboard?). You need to start with trimming the fat, cutting the calories and that probably means skipping a few beers—light beers are still beers. So to trim the flat away you need to reduce your calories, exercise, eat less and more often, and as part of your diet get into your system quality protein, essential fats and oils, and the good carbs.

  • 24 percent off Andrew Christian deep v-neck Plus lifeguard sale ending

    Andrew Christian Pistol deep v-neck

    This week’s Andrew Christian deal gets you 24% off their Pistol deep v-neck t-shirt with the coupon code. And Andrew Christian is having a sale on their Lifeguard range but only until Saturday. Check out the Lifeguard sale

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  • 24 percent off Andrew Christian boxers

    Until midnight Aug 16 Andrew Christian is selling the New varsity boxers for 24% off with this code, 24VARSITY9197.